Monday, September 27, 2010

Pictures from September

September has been a full and busy month! We have had 2 birthdays, multiple therapy and doctor appts., football games, company and mud football...oh, and we're building a house! :-P Here are some pictures to share what's been going on this month.

Logan, #33 playing football in Mullan. Our team 45'd Mullan! First win of the season.

Kathleen's 10th birthday. We had some friends over for a tea. :-) It was an enjoyable afternoon.

Progress on the house. Trusses are up, sheeting is for the dormers and interior.

Andie (from Iowa), Josiah and Ezra. Andie was the *BIG* excitement for our month. :-D

Garth running an amazing touchdown! His first of the night against rival Wallace. He also got an inception which he ran for a touchdown.

Jethro (now 7 months!) enjoying a day outside...while his siblings played mud football.

Will (on his 20th birthday) and Andie. In case you can't tell, they have been playing mud football. :-)

Levi and Jade. Yep, they were playing in the mud too. :-)

This is Ruth. She's a sweetie (and muddy!). She's Garth's girl.
Jethro is doing well. He had a cardiologist appt last week, and we don't have to go back until November! That was very exciting news...although I don't know what I'm going to do with all my extra time now! ;-) We are going in every week anyway for physical therapy and feeding and growth clinic. He also has a therapist that comes to the house, but he is far enough behind that we are taking advantage of both. He is growing like a bad weed, weighing in at over 16lbs. Not overly big for a Dole baby, but for a heart baby, he's growing great! I can't tell you how encouraging it is to me to go to the therapists, or doctor, or to talk with his nutritionist and have them be so happy about his progress. God has been and continues to be so very gracious to Jethro and to us.

Football is going well. The middle school team (Mike's coaching again this year) is undefeated so far, and the high school team is 2-2. Both of their losses have been less than 1 touchdown, so, while disappointing, we are encouraged that they are playing well, and continuing to push through the end of the game. The loss this last Friday came after both Garth and their lead running back were injured. The team continued to rally and play hard, but they couldn't keep the lead. I should also share that both of their wins have been 45s (mercy rule ~ for those that don't know, in 8 man football, when one team is ahead by 45 points, the game ends).

The girls are keeping busy with school work and being the water girls for the middle school football team. The little boys...well, they are just busy! :-D