Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bob is 7!

Bob turned 7 last week, and to celebrate, we went to Manito Park and had tea in the rose garden. We invited a couple of the girls' friends and had a wonderful, fun, girls day. :-) That's right, no boys ~ not even Ezra!

The girls had so much fun running and chasing and singing. The mamas had an enjoyable time visiting. :-)

We were thrilled to find that they have added a picnic table in one of the lower corners of the rose garden. I had planned on using the quilt to sit on, but since there was a table, we used it for our cloth!
We had chocolate chip scones, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches, grapes, and coffee/chocolate cupcakes for dessert. Per Bob's request, we had Evening In Missoula herbal tea.

After we got the tea all cleaned up, we walked through the rose garden, and then the perennial garden, and finally the formal garden.

The formal garden is lovely with it's semetrical plantings, the large Davenport fountain in the center and the gazebo at the far end. The girls were totally enthralled with the fountain! We had to stay through 3 cycles of the fountain.
Being country girls, they couldn't help but play in the water! One of the girls even stuck her feet in ~ which horrified her mama :-), but I want to do that everytime we go there! The only thing that stops me is being a grown-up. ;-)

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