Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A New Temporary Home

Just a quick update.

We are out of the hospital. We were discharged last Wednesday. Jethro has been doing well since we've been "home". Tomorrow we meet our new primary care guy, a PA over in Tekoa. Thursday we have an appt with Dr. J., and it will be interesting to see how he thinks Jethro is doing. He has only gained a little bit of weight since we've been out of the hospital, but he has only thrown up once, and we've only had to put him on oxygen twice, and both times were when we were traveling.

We have a house to rent as of today. Yahoooo!!! I can't wait to get into our own home again. We still aren't totally sure what's happening with the house, but at least we have a place to call home. Jethro has so much "stuff" that it will be lovely to get settled in and not be in transition.

I don't know if we'll have internet, so if I don't post, it's probably because we don't. I will try to get some pictures and put up a post soon.

Please continue praying for Jethro. Even though we are no longer in the hospital, he is still a medically fragile baby. He needs to do well with his feeds and gain weight.

The benefit went well, and we were so blessed by everyone that turned out. Thanks to everyone for their prayers and support ~ we love you all.

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  1. Rejoicing that you have your precious baby home with the family -- and that the family has found a place to call home. We will continue to hold Jethro in our prayers. What a blessing he is to behold!