Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quick Update

Just a quick update. We do have internet, but it's dial-up, so I am trying to not spend a great deal of time online, since it ties up the phone.

We are in the rental. It is a lovely older home, built in 1914 with craftsman styling. Lots of lovely woodwork in the living areas of the house. We are still without dressers and table and chairs and living room chairs, but we have a couple of couches, beds and a picnic table to eat at, so we are content.

Jethro is doing well. Other than his feeding tube, to look at him, you would never guess that he has a very serious heart condition. He is creeping ever closer to the 10 lb mark. It is so odd to have a baby that is two months old and not yet a pound over his birth weight ~ and to be happy with his weight gain! We had a quick trip to the hospital on Friday. Jethro's INR (the level of Coumadin in his blood) was 7.5 (they want it between 2.5 and 3.5). So, since we were heading into the weekend, the cardiologist wanted us at the hospital where they could keep a close eye on Jethro. Once we got there, they did another check of his INR, and it was 4.5 ~ still high, but not dangerously so. With it as high as it was in the morning, they were concerned about a brain bleed or other internal bleeding. So, we got to come home. Not necessarily how I want to spend my afternoons, but I would rather that they be overly cautious with Jethro than just assume things will be okay and then end up in a crisis situation. And, I must say that we are blessed with wonderful cardiologists who are really on top of things. I have learned that if they aren't concerned, then I probably don't need to be either ~ they are cautious yet practical, definitely a good combination in a Dr!

Josiah had a wagon accident the other night and got to make a trip to the ER. He cried until Garth told him he would likely end up with a sucker at the hospital. On the way in, Levi called his girlfriend and let Si talk to her, and then he texted me. It was all good. :-) Until they started giving him shots to numb things up and started stitching. I called while they were stitching and he was crying for me. :-( This is only the 2d ER trip I haven't made, and there's not much harder on a Mama's heart than not being able to be there when your youngin's are hurt and wanting you. Si ended up with 12 stitches, although it could have easily have been 24, the Dr. spaced them out quite a bit, and now he is quite swollen ~ his right eye is totally swollen shut this morning, causing a good deal of distress when he woke and couldn't see out of it.

So, that is the major points of update on the clan. :-) Thanks for all your prayers, please continue to pray for Jethro. Although they were okay with his weight gain, he does need to be gaining more weight. They would really like to see him gain 20 grams a day and he's not there yet. If he doesn't gain adequately, they will move ahead with putting in a g-tube, which we would really like to avoid ~ mostly because it would mean one more surgery for the little punkin.

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