Friday, February 25, 2011

Progress on the house

I haven't posted any updates on the house here lately. I update Facebook pretty regularly, but it takes more time to do it here, so I just haven't.

We were hoping to move today ~ things aren't quite done, but I want to be at least mostly moved in for Jethro's birthday party which is Sunday. AAACCCKKK!!!!! Yesterday they were supposed to lay carpet. We didn't have everything we needed at the house (which they didn't tell us we needed), so the carpet layer threw a fit and left. :-P Can I just say I have been totally un-impressed by our carpet buying experience and would STRONGLY DISCOURAGE anyone from buying flooring from GREAT FLOORS. They sold us product they did not have, they piddled around for a week and a half before reluctantly telling us they could get ahold of the manufacturer to see if they could get more of it, they didn't make sure that we knew what all we needed to have done at the house so that the carpet could be laid. Yesterday, when I called and laid into the salesman about how this whole transaction has gone, I was basically told it was our fault it hadn't been laid yet ~ excuse me??? I am not the one who didn't tell me you could order more of my carpet! So, now we are about a month behind on getting the carpet laid. Not happy. And they wait until you are about ready to pay to tell you how much you are "saving" when they charge you more. :-P Anyway, unless you like it when you pay for product and then the store you are dealing with gives you nothing but a run-around, I suggest you stay away from Great Floors. It has been nothing but an exercise in frustration.

Today the carpet is finally getting laid, and I am hoping to at least get a start on moving furniture.

Here are some pictures of the progress we have made.
Kitchen, breakfast bar, and in the left background the school room lights.

Light in the living room.

Light in the master bedroom...bought for $20 on clearance!

West wall of the kitchen. Hickory cabinets, tile countertop, glass mosaic backsplash.

South end of the kitchen. The 'L' that the counters make is open to the rest of the house.

Chandelier in the greatroom. Cedar on the ceiling.

Laying the laminate. The girls were lots of least *they* thought they were!

Will sweeping up after the laminate was laid. He claims he can out-sweep any woman. ;-)

Once we're down at the farm, we may be without internet for a few days. I forgot to call to let them know we would be moving. As soon as we have it back up and running, I will post pictures from Jethro's birthday bash!

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