Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jethro is 2!

We once again have a two year old in the house.
Sunday was Jethro's birthday.
This year was low-key. No large celebrations.
But, all the kids were here, plus a couple extra (girlfriends),
and we had a good afternoon of eating and visiting 
and cake and presents.
Although Jethro was not that interested in opening presents.
He was happy to play with his toy after it was open,
but if it hadn't been for helpful siblings, his presents would
still be wrapped.

He loves Lightning McQueen, so of course he had to have a cars cake.

Here's the birthday boy, rockin' his new Under Armour shirt.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!

He didn't get the whole, blowing out the candles idea. He just wanted to grab them. Daddy blew them out for him. =)

Playing with his new wheelies construction ramp...I think all the littles loved it.

Birthday parties are EXHAUSTING! =)
We are so thankful for 2 years with Jethro!
God has sustained him and caused him to flourish. 
He is doing so well right now, and if it weren't for his
scars, and the amount of sleep he needs, 
you wouldn't know that this baby was