Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Wedding

2011 brought some big changes and additions to our family. The biggest change was that in August, our oldest son, Will, got married. What an exciting time! It was thrilling to watch him go through a courtship, and move into this new season of life. His bride is from Iowa and they were introduced by a family member/friend. Andie had been a huge support throughout Jethro's first year, praying for him and encouraging me with her upbeat outlook. So, she had won our hearts long before we knew she would be our daughter in law.

They got married on a beautiful August evening, in the yard of some dear friends. It wasn't a big fancy, tens of thousands kind of wedding, but I think that made it all the more special. They had a pretty small budget to work with, and it was a very lovely wedding. God has placed some very talented and creative folks around us...and it was a little redneck-y too, which added to the charm!
Our last picture with Will as a single man. By my belly, you can tell what our other big change may have been last year. ;-)

Pak, Daddy and the boys. From left to front, Ezra and Josiah (Daddy is holding Jethro). Back: Logan, Levi, Pak, Will, Daddy, and Garth. Aren't they a good looking bunch of guys?    
The kiss!

This was Will and Andie's *first kiss* How special is that, and how often do you see that? It was a very special moment...and long awaited! :-)

Mr and Mrs Charles William Dole
Wow. They have been married for just over 6 months now. I so look forward to seeing how God is going to bless their marriage. They are both very ministry minded, and Will is working on getting a Biblical education and gaining some maturity/wisdom so that eventually he can pastor.


  1. I remember this. It was such a lovely wedding. I was at the guest book. I am Will's sister that is just under ten years younger than him. he now has a beautiful daughter.