Tuesday, February 2, 2010

37 Weeks

Yesterday we had a long day in town, with 3 dr. appts. We started out at the cardiologist, where they did another echo of Jethro's heart. There is still fluid around his heart, but it has not grown at all since last week. So, that was a good thing. We go back on Monday to see how his heart is doing.

Because the Cardiologist appt was early, we didn't have breakfast, so after we were done there, we went to the Rockwood Bakery. It was very nice. I've driven by there a few times, and thought that it looked like a neat place to have coffee, but had never had time to stop there. They've got lots of antique tables, and it's just a neat atmosphere there.

After we ate, we headed over to the OB's office. Everything is looking good, and it looks like maybe finally, he's willing to just let me go into labor on my own.

Then we had a perinatologist appt. They did an u/s there, and we got some great pictures of Jethro! Isn't he just so cute and chubby? :-) Of course, I'm slightly prejudiced, but I think he's adorable. Definitely looks like a Dole baby. After the tech was done with the u/s, she went to look for the dr., who was in a meeting. We decided we could wait for a while, and when the perinatologist came in, she talked like she thought overall Jethro is doing well. She did want to take a look herself, so we did a 3d u/s. She wants to see us 2x a week until Jethro is born. So, we go back in on Thursday...have I mentioned this is an hour drive ~ one way? It's a *little* inconvenient! Oh, and by the way, pack a bag, because they may decide that I need to be induced. :-P We'll see. Mike and I are both advocating for this baby to come in his own time ~ unless there is a real medical reason why he should need to be delivered before that.

The u/s estimate on his weight was a little over 8lbs, but u/s are notoriously wrong on weight estimates, so I'm not putting too much stock in that. And I honestly think that is why she was thinking he may need to be delivered.

I am just continuing to pray for wisdom, and right now I have a real peace about just leaving him be and letting labor start on it's own. I believe that if it's *necessary* for him to be born a little sooner, that God will give me a peace about induction as well. He's pretty good about that! :-)

No real additions to our prayer requests. Just continued wisdom for Mike and I. And, for healing for Jethro. I guess you could add travel mercies to that. This week, my appts are on Mike's days off, so I don't have to drive, but next week, I'll have to drive myself in, and I am a little leary of being on the road by myself this close to my due date.

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  1. Mrs. Dole, I'm so happy that Jethro is doing well and the fluid around his heart is not increasing! I will add "traveling mercies" to my prayer requests for your family. :-)
    Mrs. G