Monday, September 7, 2009

A Disappointing Loss

Levi (24) making a block

Friday night we had our first away game at Kootenai. Hopes were high as we went into the game. The boys had played so well the Friday before. And they played well on Friday night as well. I think it was the best matched game against Kootenai I've seen in a very long time. It was pretty close through out the game. We led most the game. But, in the end ~ within about the last 2 or 3 minutes ~ Kootenai scored a touchdown and beat us by 2 points.

Garth (15) going for a tackle

Before the game started, Mike came over to me and told me that Levi has a diagonal ridge on his right thigh. One of the coaches wants him to be seen by a Dr. He doesn't think that it's a torn muscle because of the way it's lying, but he's not sure what it is, so Tuesday we will be going to the clinic. We would appreciate prayers for wisdom for the Dr and healing for Levi's leg. Last Friday, Levi cramped up several times during the game, and that didn't happen this week, but he was not 100%. Their other running back got his bell rung in the 2d quarter, and so he wasn't running at 100% either. Had they been, we would have had a different outcome to our game.

Levi running for a touchdown

Levi ran for 202 yards and made 4 touchdowns, and I think also had a 2 point conversion. Not bad for running on one leg! His stats weren't up yet on Friday, but I believe that you will be able to track him on . If you click that link, it will take you right to the football stats page. I just checked (Monday afternoon) and somebody who will remain nameless, has yet to enter Levi's stats. I'll be making a phone call. ;-) Not to worry, I'll keep you updated! So, that is 427 yards on the season, and 8 TDs.
Garth running the ball on a kick-off return

Garth was the receiver on a kick-off return and ran the ball for about 15 yards. I was really happy with that, although he was so upset about the loss that all he could see was the mistakes he made. :-(

This Friday is a home game against Mullan ~ who has traditionally been our biggest rival. However, last year we 45'd them, so we'll see how quick a game it is on Friday.

Final score of Friday's game was 50-48 Kootenai.

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