Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Max Preps and Dr. Update

Well, apparently Levi's stats are being put on Max Preps this year. I'm still working on getting them on Idaho Sports. I'll share the link for Max Preps later ~ the person that is in charge of putting stats up has shorted Levi 47 yards and 4 TDs. Once he gets that righted, I'll share the link. ;-) Between Daddy and me, it should get corrected fairly quickly.

Levi went to the Dr. yesterday and he is to take it easy at practice this week and apply heat to his thigh. Hopefully the rest will be enough to get him healthy ~ if he can make that many yards when he's not 100%, then I really want to see what he can do when he's feeling his best!

Boy, I sound like a pushy sports mom, don't I? :-) I'm not really ~ but I know that his stats are important to him as well, and so I'm just advocating for him. ;-)

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