Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tigers Fall to the Knights!!

Garth, PJ and Levi during pregame warm-ups.

Last night we played at home against the Mullan Tigers. The first have was a much more closely fought battle than I thought it would be. Last year, we came close to 45-ing them, and this year our team is even better, so I thought it would be a quick game. :-)

Garth was given the opportunity to start in last night's game, and he played well. Coach Miller doesn't really like to play freshmen very much, so although he's gotten some playing time, he's mostly been on kick-off return teams. Last night though, he got to play the majority of the game.

Levi on defense

Levi had to take it easy most of the week, due to his thigh; but he played well, and made 4 TDs although one was called back. :-( #10, T.M., had a stellar game, running for almost 300 yds and making 7 TDs. I prefer to see my boys do that ;-), but it is exciting to see any of our boys have such an amazing game. Levi had 179 yards on 9 rushes, and 60 yards on two catches and scored 3 TDs.

ARGH!! I had a picture of Garth here, but I just lost it. :-/ It's such a pain to move pictures once they are uploaded, so the picture of him from before the game will have to do.

As I already mentioned, Garth played really well last night. I think/hope that he has earned himself some real playing time for the rest of the season. He also got his first high school TD last night! He was the receiver on a 52 yd pass (not a very good pass either), and then took it on in for a TD!! It was an amazing catch! All the coaches on the sideline (ours) were wondering who's kid he is, because Dole's can't catch. ;-) I was VERY excited for him. It was definitely one of those moments that I wish I would have been in the right spot to get on camera.

All through the first half, it looked iffy; I wasn't sure that we would win. But, in the second half, we really came out strong and played well. Here's the final score:

Next week we're at home against Wallace. Game time is 7pm.

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