Friday, March 26, 2010

1 Month Old!!

 Jethro chewing on his cannula

Today is a pretty exciting day. Jethro is one month old...not bad for a baby they didn't expect to live a week, and that had to be resusitated when he was born. This little guy definitely has some spunk! :-)

Progress is being made, slowly, but surely. Today he is off the antibiotics for the NEC, they are giving him more FFP (Frozen Fresh Plasma) to help with dissolving the blood clot (which is getting smaller), and they are talking about pulling the femoral line that they put in day before yesterday. Today or tomorrow ~ tomorrow I think, they will begin starting to feed him again. Please pray that feeding goes well, and that his tummy can tolerate it. If he doesn't do well eating ~ nursing or taking a bottle ~ they will put a g-tube in. This would not be the end of the world, but it is something we would like to avoid.
 Still no real news on the house. We are still waiting on the insurance to decide if they think we should fix it or rebuild...they have a formula. :-) At this point we are looking for a rental, possibly or preferably between home and Spokane, so that we can be together, but I can easily/fairly quickly get into the hospital, and split my days between Jethro and the rest of the family.

Ezra has spent the week sick. Will took him to the dr. this morning, and they believe that he has a bacterial infection and his lungs are congested. They did test him for RSV, although they didn't think that was what he has. He is one sick little boy though, not being able to keep anything down. :-( Please pray for his health, and that of the rest of the clan...including Grammie and Pak. Grammie is a treasure, watching after all the kids and being up with Ezra during the night.

God is doing amazing things for our family and providing so abundantly ~ in everything from the small day-to-day needs to big ticket items for Jethro's benefit auction. We are so thankful to Him and to all of you who are truly being the hands of God to our family right now. Thank you!


  1. Hello! I linked to your blog through someone (I can't remember who). We've also had very sick nicu babies, and have been pryaing for you!

  2. Tracy, such lovely pictures of Jethro and his mama. He certainly is a spunky guy!

    Praying for you,

  3. He's so beautiful, Tracy. Thank you for sharing with us and keeping us informed.

  4. He's such a cutie pie! Thank you for the update. I cannot help but to be reminded of the verse in Romans...I consider that our present suffering will not be worth comparing to the future glory that will be revealed. Continuing to pray
    Christine R.

  5. What treasures you have here on earth. How much more so what is laid up in heaven. Continuing to lift you all in prayer.

  6. Thanks for the update, we're thrilled at all the good news!

  7. He is such a cute baby!! I'm soo glad he is doing goog!!! That first pic of him is SOOO cute!!!