Saturday, March 6, 2010


"For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted me my petition that I made to him. Therefore I have lent him to the Lord. As long as he lives, he is lent to the Lord."
1 Sam. 1:27-28

Wednesday was Levi's 18th birthday. I can't believe he's 18!! So, we decided that we would have everyone come up to the hospital and have a birthday party in the family waiting room outside the NICU and to have Jethro dedicated as well. It is important to us that however long the Lord has granted Jethro to live, that his life glorify the Lord, and so the reason to dedicate this dear child.

Our dear friends, Brian, Julianne, and John Primer came up (it was Julianne's birthday as well), and our pastor and his wife, Dave and Debby. Before we got around to going in to dedicate Jethro, another pastor friend and his wife showed up to visit, Randy and Marie. So, when we went in, we had about 20 people ~ including Grammie and Levi's boss, Jerry (who also happens to be a good family friend).

What a precious time we had, 3 pastors praying over our precious, fragile son...that we would have the opportunity to raise him up in the fear and admonition of the Lord, that the Lord would reach down and touch his body and heal him, that we would walk through His will in a way that glorifies Him. They anointed him with oil, and then Mike and Will also prayed. It was definitely a "holy goosebump" time together.

And then there was the paparazzi. Somebody, who will remain nameless (Daddy!), gave Josiah the camera. So, while the men are praying, and the children are crying, Josiah (almost 4) is busy clicking away (click/flash, click/flash, click/flash, click/flash), taking pictures...mostly of everyone's feet. However, like any good paparazzi that goes out and wastes rolls of film, he did get some clear, usable pictures. And provided some levity to the day.

Earlier in the day, my dear friends, Tiff and Dae, had showed up with tea ~ complete with china and a table cloth. Dan and Jan had stopped by to visit as well, so Jan, Tiff, Dae, and I had all sat down and had tea and visited. What a lovely bunch of women that God has surrounded me with! They know what TLC is all about!


  1. What a blessing to be so surrounded by people to help you while you walk through this time!The dedication description made me teary, thanks for posting it.
    Mrs. G

  2. I cried and cried over the dedication photos posted on facebook. Your family is such a blessing. How are the other kids dealing with Jethro's situation? We are constantly praying for you guys! If there is ANYTHING we can do, please please let us know!

  3. I'm not sure how they are dealing with it. :-( The older two boys have spent a fair amount of time up here, and Kathleen is an emotional mess ~ my Mom said she had a complete meltdown the other day over spilling some milk ~ pretty sure it was just bottled up emotion about Jethro. We have seen the kids a little, but not much. They are with their Grammie though, so that is helpful. I am hoping that once we get the RV that we are borrowing here, then maybe the others can take turns spending the night up here, so that we can see a bit more of them. I also think the plan will be for them to be here tomorrow during the surgery. Mostly for Daddy and I so that we are occupied and somewhat distracted during that time. We need to go down and check out the waiting room before we decide for sure. I am certain they could all use prayers as well.

  4. Tracy, there are so many praying. Beautiful pictures of Jethro's dedication. The Lord has truly blessed this little one, and his life is such a blessing to many others. My family and I are praying for his surgery this morning. You are loved, dear sister.

  5. i am one of the kids, and i was almost teary over this, but i couldn't quite be, because i have already been through this, but if anybody reads this comment, please be praying, because jethro will be going into his final surgery tommorrow, and we will definitly appreiate prayer. thanks. kate dole