Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Please Pray

Jethro had a long weekend. Friday they stopped the morphine and pulled his vent tube. Yay!! However, over the weekend it became apparent that Jethro was going through withdrawals. :-( He was awake, almost the entire weekend...including at night, and he looked uncomfortable almost continually. The only time he slept was when I was holding him.

Yesterday, he had some rhythm problems with his heart. His heart rate was over 200, his blood pressure was rising, and his oxygen sats were dropping. This is not totally unexpected. They not only cut into his heart, but took some of the tissue out, so the electrical system of the heart has been disrupted. Additionally, one of the symptoms of Ebstein's is also arrhythmia problems, because the right atrium is adversely affected and it is that part of your heart that regulates your heart rhythm. So, they ended up putting him on a medication to regulate his heart rhythm. They also decided to put him on methadone, to help him with the withdrawal symptoms.

He has also been periodically spitting up some greenish stuff. The nutritionist thought it was likely bile, because the feeding tube goes directly into his small intestine, so there is nothing in his stomach to throw up. But, this morning the cardiologist didn't think he was hearing much if any gut sounds...although there was evidence that his gut was working. However, the Dr. felt that it would be a good idea to have an x-ray and ultrasound of Jethro's gut. This evening, the peds intensivist told us that they saw air on Jethro's liver. This is not normal, and has them concerned that he is developing Necrotizing Enterocolitis or NEC. For a real explanation, click on the name of the disease. They will stop feeding him Mama's milk and start him on triple antibiotics and they will keep a close eye on his gut with x-rays.

So, our prayer requests are:
  • That it is NOT NEC.
  • If it is NEC, that it would respond well and quickly to the antibiotics.
  • For Jethro to get through his withdrawals well. It is difficult to watch a baby go through this. :-(
  • For his heart rhythm problems to settle down. The meds they have him on are not a long-term solution. They have side effects that make them undesirable for long term use.
  • For God's healing touch on Jethro.
  • We are likely looking at 2-3 weeks before we can go home. Our other children ~ especially the younger set ~ are missing and needing us as well. My Mama's heart is heavy with this separation, but driving back and forth is just not an option right now. Please pray that God would bring things together so that we can be together as a family again soon.


  1. My family and I are praying for your sweet son. I have such comfort knowing God's hands are big enough, strong enough, to hold every detail, every fear and every sickness...yet those same hands are gentle enough to cradle us in his arms and wipe away our tears. He is the One who designed little Jethro's heart, unique and marked by love. I can only imagine what great purpose he has chosen your family for. What a testimony your lives will lead. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May you feel His love shine upon you and give you peace and stillness.

  2. Tracy;

    My heart is full. I love you.


  3. Lifting all these prayer needs up to the Lord Tracy!

  4. Hi, Tracy,
    Thank you for keeping us posted. One thing I remember a nurse telling me after Seth was born that recovery is a roller coaster ride. It would be wonderful if they'd just go on a smooth path to healing, but that usually isn't the case - it wasn't for Seth either.
    Love ya and am praying!

  5. I'm praying for baby Jethro and your family!