Saturday, May 22, 2010

Please pray

Dr. Anderson (one of the cardiologists) was in this morning, and Jethro is in sustained atrial flutter. So, they were going to give him a couple of extra doses of his rhythm med and see if it will correct itself. If, in the morning, he is still in AF, then they will sedate him and run a probe down through his nose and try to pace his heart out of the flutter.

There is a 75% chance that it will work. :-) Just what a Mama wants to hear. Shocking his heart would do it, but he still has that clot and he's on Coumadin, so that is just not a real option at this point. The risk of dislodging the clot is too great.

Our #1 prayer request would be that the meds would work and he wouldn't need to be paced.
#2 would be that if he does need to be paced, that it would work, and that he would be safe under's always a little scary to turn your little over to a Dr to be sedated, and even more so when they have a heart condition.

Thank you.