Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Post Op Report

Jethro had surgery to place an open G-tube this morning. Dr. Chan said that it would take about an hour, but I think it was closer to 30 to 45 minutes. When we were taken back to recovery, he had already been extubated.

Dr. Jensen wanted him to go to PICU from recovery just because he is a fragile baby, and they wanted to watch what his heart and his O2 sats were going to do. We like Dr. J ~ he's got Jethro's six. :-) He did so well, that we were back in the intermediate unit by 2 this afternoon.

To just about everyone's surprise, they are already feeding him ~ although we're going slowly. He needs to be at about 31mL an hour before we can go home. And I need to be comfortable with wound care ~ which I will be, and his INR needs to be somewhat stable.

His nurse just came in and increased his feeds again. So, hopefully by the weekend we will be on our way home. Home Care Solutions is coming in the morning to instruct me on the wound care, then we just have to get his INR levels where they need to be!

We are so thankful for the wonderful Doctors we have been blessed with! Everyone here at the hospital is quick to tell me how great Jethro looks. While my preference would obviously be to not have to spend time in the hospital, I am thankful that it is a "home-ish" place to be. Everyone remembers you, and they all dote on the baby. God has blessed us all around ~ Jethro with life, excellent Dr.s and nurses, a wonderful hospital, and a super support network ~ both our family and friends who are close and involved in our daily lives, and the heart community that He has provided via the internet. We are truly thankful.

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