Saturday, May 22, 2010

Still in the Hospital...

and you know you've been there too long when the cafeteria staff starts asking if you're an employee.

I talked with Dr. Jensen yesterday. He was very pleased with how Jethro has handled this surgery and the stress it entailed. We were going home today...unless I felt like we needed another day or so. Shortly after talking with Dr. Jensen, Jethro's heart went into some very funky rhythms and he kept setting off alarms. His heart rate spiked, and at times was well over 200. So, we are now in the PICU.

They are not doing "ICU things", but they can keep a closer eye on him in the PICU than on the intermediate floor, and our wonderful Dr.s are just careful with Jethro...which makes his Mama happy. :-) One of the other cardiologists is on call starting today, and his "specialty" if you will, is heart rhythms, so it will be interesting to get his perspective on what is going on. Dr. Jensen thought it still likely that we will get to go home tomorrow. Please pray toward that end.

Jethro had a good night, and was sleeping when I got to his room this morning, so I am in the cafeteria finishing up breakfast and updating you all here.

On another note, Levi made it to the State Track Meet in the 110 and 300m hurdles! Yesterday were the prelims and he took 4th in his heat of the 110, although that was not good enough to get him to the finals; and he took 4th in his heat of the 300 ~ which WAS good enough to get him to the finals! I believe that 1st and 2nd place automatically advance, and then they go by times. If you are reading this early enough in the day, and have high speed internet, you can go to and they are live-streaming the track meet. I am so thankful that even though Jethro and I are in Spokane, in the hospital, I am able to watch Levi compete and cheer him on...even though he can't hear me. :-) Technology can be such a wonderful blessing! The 300 hurdles will run about noonish Mountain time.

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