Monday, June 21, 2010

And so it begins...

Over the weekend, Jethro's 02 sat rates were not good, even though we continued to up the amount of oxygen that he was getting. He's on 3L now, and most of the regulators only go to 4 ~ just to give you an idea. So yesterday, I talked with Dr. Carl on the phone, and although we had an appt set for Tuesday, he did not want us to wait that long to come in. So, this morning we headed for Spokane and the cardiologists. I packed my bag last night, because I figured if they were having us make a special trip, we wouldn't be coming home.

When we got to the office, they sent us downstairs for a chest x-ray, and then back up to the cardiologists. Dr. Carl came in and looked him over, and said that he was going to admit him (surprise, surprise, surprise!), and that they would do a heart cath this week, and surgery was tentatively scheduled for Friday. They could change their minds about surgery, but we can't continue on with these oxygen sats. As Dr. Carl said, "We've been through too much with this baby to take any chances." AMEN!

He then wanted to know what all Jethro is doing...I told him that he is programming computers ~ but he didn't believe me. :-) Anyway, he is very encouraged by how he is doing. I think he's pretty close to right on for an almost 4 month old. He is very engaging, he smiles, and talks and coos. He tracks with his eyes and will turn his head to follow something that has his interest. I haven't gotten him to laugh or squeal yet, but that will come.

Prayers for Jethro to stay stable until surgery, for wisdom for the Dr.s, and for him to tolerate procedures well would be greatly appreciated!


  1. We will be praying for your family and Jethro especially this week. Thank God for your wonderful doctors and their God given wisdom.

    Mrs. G & family

  2. I'm still praying for Jethro, the doctors and the family. I'll call my prayer group also.