Friday, June 25, 2010

What a blessing

This isn't a long, thought out post. :-) I am just feeling thankful this morning for the CHD community. Through the internet, God has provided this wonderful network of adult CHDers and parents of CHD kiddos to us. What a blessing this is! At a time in our lives when we don't see or hear much from those who have been close to us, God has brought kids and parents who understand what we are going through, who have walked this path ahead of us, who know the emotional toll it takes, and, praise God, who are willing to step in alongside and give comfort and encouragement!

This is a lonely road...or at least it has the potential to be, but God is faithful. Some of these online folks are even pretty local to us, and I have had the pleasure of meeting them in person and beginning some wonderful new friendships ~ something I need right now. One sweet lady comes and visits with Jethro and I almost every time we are in the hospital, which is wonderful ~ the days get awfully long when we are there.

Anyway, I posted something on Facebook this morning, and a heart mom jumped right in with an, "I know what you're talking about/where you're coming from" comment, and I just felt so blessed. For one, to know that I'm not the only one affected by all that is going on around me the way I am, and two, to know that mom's who I do not know INR, and will likely never meet, care about what is going on in my life because God has brought us together....through this wonderful thing called the internet. :-) I do hope/pray that as I have the opportunity, that I too am a blessing to those that God has brought into my life.


  1. You are a blessing to all who read your blog and to those with whom you share your life. The Godly example that you set by sharing your faith is awesome, and though there are times you feel alone you are not alone. Four years ago our family went through a life changing event and I can remember always feeling that God was with me and my family, carrying us through. The poem Footsteps has always meant so much to me, especially during that time because I know that HE was carrying me. God Bless you. Wish I lived close enough to sit with you.

  2. I'm so glad to see that you have someone close enough to come sit with you. I wish I lived close enough to help in any way I could.

    The interent is indeed wonderful isn't it? Glad you're able to communicate with people who know what you're going through.


  3. How did I miss this post? Why isn't THIS blog on your FB page? Geesh..
    Thanks, Tracy! You know what a blessing you are to me as well.
    Big hugs!! (I love hte pic of Jethro in hte previous post.. he's adorable.).