Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back in the Hospital

Tomorrow was to be a long, full day of Dr. appointments. Not anymore. :-/ Monday started three days of low sats for Jethro...yesterday I didn't get real good readings with the oximeter, but he was very mottled looking. This morning, he was pretty fussy when he woke up and very dusky looking. When I put the oximeter on him, his sats were in the low 60's and even down to 58 (you and I hang out around 100). So, we put him on oxygen and I called the cardiologists office. They weren't open yet, but I wasn't overly concerned, so I just left a message at the nurses desk, knowing they would listen to it when they got in.

Sure enough, I received a call back from the nurse, saying that Dr. Carl wanted me to bring him in to be seen. So, we got our stuff together and left for Spokane. They just had us go through the ER, and Dr. Burg, who is on call, came down to see us. She was concerned that Jethro is possibly outgrowing his shunt, which would mean surgery, possibly as soon as next week. So, she admitted him to the PICU to be watched for a couple of days.

After we got up to the PICU, they did an extensive echo, and the shunt looks good. We are not sure why his sats are dipping like they are, but we are at the hospital for the next few days, so they can keep an eye on him and try to figure out what's going on.

Once again, I have to say that I love our cardiologists! They are what I consider appropriately concerned about things. They are all for pushing Jethro to see what he will do, but they are also cautious with him. I have learned that if they are not concerned about something, then I likely do not need to be either, but if they are concerned...I definitely am! :-)

So, a prayer request would be that if something is wrong, that it would show itself while we are here at the hospital. Of course, my preference would be that nothing is wrong! I told Mike that I think he's just lazy...he heard me tell somebody that the physical therapist was coming today, and he didn't want to work..."um....I think I can't saturate very well, Mom I better go to the Dr.s!" :-P


  1. I'm saying daily prayers for little Jethro.

  2. I will continue to pray for Jethro.

  3. Praying that everything rights itself and you can be on your way home soon!