Friday, August 27, 2010

6 Months, 1 Day

What a cute baby! I get to hear this a lot. :-) And, I must agree. :-D This adorable child is now 6 months old...and looking great! Considering that he has a major heart defect and was born dead. You've come a long way, baby!

Back to being a happy boy...for the most part.
Jethro is doing well. I am hopeful that we will head home sometime during the weekend...really hoping and praying for tomorrow. It will mostly depend on how he tolerates his feeds. His formula has been changed about 4 times since yesterday. Originally, after surgery, they put him on Infaport. This is a formula that has a high percentage of MCT oil...which means that those fats are absorbed into the system, rather than going through the digestive tract. This is given to prevent Chylothorax, which can be dangerous...and they like to prevent things like that. Because of Jethro's defect, that puts him at high risk for developing Chylothorax. However, Jethro had some issues with the Infaport. For some reason, his gut was not moving it through, and at least some of it was sitting in his tummy, curdling. Yeah...I hope you're not reading this, eating supper. So, then he was throwing up this thick chunky stuff. Basically, a milk-fed baby version of a hair-ball.

They did some GI testing, we had a GI consult, and the gist of it is...put him on a different formula. So, we are moving forward. He's on a new we're trying to get him to keep it all down. On the up side, now when he's throwing up, it looks like what went in. :-)

So, at the moment, I'm feeling optimistic, and am hopeful that we will be going home tomorrow. We'll see ~ this is Jethro we're dealing with. :-)

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