Sunday, August 29, 2010

Home Again!

We are once again home! Friday, Dr. Rick had told us that if Jethro's chest x-ray looked good Sat. morning, and he was tolerating his feeds well, then we could go home. So, I asked the obvious question, "What do you consider 'tolerating'?" He said that Jethro had to not throw up with every oral feed. And, in reality, he would have been fine with Jethro not taking any oral feeds ~ especially since he was tolerating the continuous feed just fine. I was the one wanting him taking his food orally. :-)

So, Jethro threw up his next feed. Then I began to think...not really "began" began, but began to think about why he wasn't keeping his oral feeds down. So, being a Mama with mad medical skills (Ha!), I came up with a theory. Dr. Rick was a bit skeptical, I think, but he agreed that I could hold Jethro's continuous feeds for a certain amount of time after an oral feed ~ depending upon how much he took orally. The next oral feed we did that, and this baby hasn't thrown up since. :-) So, after he had his chest x-ray yesterday morning, Dr. Rick gave us the go ahead to go home!

Jethro and I were both so happy to get home. And the other children (and Daddy!) were very glad to have us home again too. :-) We have some work to do...getting him back to where he was in calories and volume, and we need to get PT set up again, and go back to the cardiologist this week, but we are so thankful to be home once again.


  1. I am so glad to know he is home with you. May the Lord Jesus continue to heal him.. and give you and your beloved wisdom

    A sister in Christ


  2. I just stopped by to see how things are going, I know yall are glad to be home. I will keep yall in my prayers!

  3. Was thinking about Jethro today and praying that all is well.