Monday, July 25, 2011

A Week in Feminine Dress

So, I have at least one more post rattlin' around in my head on suffering, but this week, I'm going to be posting what I am wearing. :-) I have been a member of the forum over at Sense and Sensibility Patterns for several years. At least a couple times a year, we do a week in feminine dress or a WIFD. The point of it is to encourage the ladies to dress in a feminine manner no matter what we are doing, and to give new ideas and inspiration to those of us who regularly dress this way. I have done this a couple times before here on the blog, but it's been a while, so I thought it would be fun to do once again. Today is actually Day 2 of WIFD, but in normal fashion, I completely forgot about it yesterday, until after I was changed out of my church clothes...and I really wan't dressed very femininely after that. :-)

So, here is todays outfit:

I am wearing a thrifted Motherwear sundress. I don't normally wear dresses that are only knee length, but I have been having a terrible time finding maternity sundresses this year, let alone ones that are a length that I would normally wear. I love it though because of all the bright colors. The necklace came from Burlington Coat Factory, and the earrings are from WalMart. I'm just wearing flip flops on my feet.

Isn't he just the cutest? I couldn't resist having my picture taken with him...he's such a HAM! LOL Tomorrow he will be 17 mo. old. The Lord has truly been good to us. :-)

Today's plans involve going to town and picking up a few groceries. I'm also going to be getting some rock and hopefully a few plants to put down at Tucker's grave. I'll also pick up balloons for the children to release this evening, in memory of our dear Tucker. He would have been 7 today.

Happy birthday, dear Tucker!
Enjoy your birthday in Heaven ~
Play in peace my sweet boy.
Mama loves and misses you.

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