Saturday, July 30, 2011

WIFD day 7

Today's the last day of WIFD. It was very hot here...for North Idaho. It's in the 90's, and since I'm pregnant, I was wilting. So, most of the day was spent inside...doing a bit of laundry, cleaning a cupboard that I 'inherited' from our church ~ which will be home to my fabric stash, and playing with the baby...hate that! ;-)

Today I wore a Style and Co. skirt. It's not maternity, but it has an elastic smocked waist, so it works! I had thought maybe I would wear one of my other skirts that is similar this week, but I haven't. However, I will share that one of my newest, easiest maternity skirt modifications is to take a sundress, that has the empire waist that is elastic smocked, and cut the top off.  They make a nice, modest skirt, and the elastic smocking is perfect for a maternity waist band...and I'll be able to wear them when I'm not pregnant too!

I also wore a brown crinkle camisole that I bought at WalMart, and a white gauze Motherhood top that was thrifted. Just some flip flops on my feet...and no jewelry today.

Not a great picture of my outfit, but you can see the skirt pretty well. I just had my hair twisted and in a claw so it was up off my neck. :-)


  1. That is a lovely outfit, and a great tip about the skirt!

  2. Just curious--has that new baby made an appearance yet?