Thursday, November 11, 2010

11 Things to be Thankful For

Today my thankfulness list includes ~
  1. I was able to switch out Jethro's G-tube button with no problems.
  2. A great staff at NWCCHD. :-)
  3. Will and his willingness to help us get the house built.
  4. Andie and the blessing she has been to our family.
  5. My step-grandpa, who would have been 104 today. He was such a ray of sunshine. Very fun to be around and one of those people who always saw the positive in any situation.
  6. The extended family God has blessed me with.
  7. Friends who make contact often. Having a critically ill child is lonely, and I appreciate those who take time out of their day to see how we're doing.
  8. The Food Network. We love the inspiration it provides for our kitchen!
  9. My brother, Clint. Currently serving his country, away from his wife and children, ready to deploy.
  10. Our vetrans. They sacrifice much, sometimes all, and I deeply appreciate it.
  11. My fellow moderator's. What a wonderful group of women!

1 comment:

  1. This made me smile :) I love going back and reading all of these thankful posts :)