Thursday, November 4, 2010

Being Thankful in November

I am thankful everyday. :-) God is so very gracious to me and my precious family, I can't help but be thankful. However, there is a challenge going around on Facebook to be thankful for something everyday in November. Well, I'm here to up the anti! I challenge you to find the same number of things to be thankful for as it is the day. So, today is the 4th, find 4 things to be thankful for. By the end of the month, you should have a big ol' list!

One of the best ways I have found for staying out of depression or for avoiding pity parties is to look to my Father in thankfulness. It's hard to be down when you are counting your blessings.

So today, I am thankful for:
*Little boys with BIG stories!

*Garth Tyree who is 16 years old today
*Time spent with my Beloved this evening
*A warm, snug home on a chilly morning

So, what are you thankful for today?

1 comment:

  1. Today I'm thankful for being able to go out to lunch with my hubby, for the stacks of wood I had to tarp this morning, for the nice warm home I woke up in, and for being able to work with my hands.